red rabbi and his lulav

My dear friend Danielle had a great idea for a blog post. As it happens, I’m not nearly creative enough to pull it off myself. The idea came from a conversation we were having this morning on the phone, in which she asked me if I had a Christmas tree cookie-cutter. I joked that I didn’t, but I had a Tu B’shevat cookie cutter that I thought would do the trick.
Her suggestion: write a blog post about how to use clearance Christmas merchandise to celebrate Jewish holidays. It reminded me of a story I once read (can’t remember the source) about an insulated community in Israel where the children decorated their sukkahs with santa claus ornaments. When asked who the bearded fellow was, they excaimed delightedly “It’s the red rabbi!”
Prize for the most creative answer – a set of 10 beautiful alef-bet postcards designed by my first grade students:
Entries due by Jan 1 – good luck!

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