Oats are great for kids as they contain phosphorus, which is needed for brain and nerve development in children. Oats are also one of the best sources of silicon, a trace mineral that promotes the health of your bones and connective tissues. Hence, oats are great as an everyday breakfast or as a light meal.

High-fiber oats are rich in soluble fiber beta-glucan, which helps clear up cholesterol from your intestines. In addition, saponins in oats also bind to cholesterol and help to clear it from your body. A diet high in saponins has also been linked to increased levels of killer T cells (immune cells that battle off infections, tumor cells and other cellular invaders). This means that oats can help boost your immunity.

Phytic acid, a compound found in oats, binds to reactive minerals, and as such is believed to play an important role in preventing colon cancer.

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Cindy L. TJOL is trained in Psychology, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has several years of experience writing on natural health on the internet. Follow her on her blog and read her other articles at Insights On Health.com.

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