AUGUST MESSAGE Active and passive qualities, masculine and feminine qualities – we all share them. If we remain entirely passive, usually nothing will get done, and we could easily become lonely and depressed. So it depends what you seek, what makes you happy, what you would like to choose for yourself. Like most things, usually…

With the division and political fervour, relentless divisiveness from media channels, it’s become more and more important to respect other viewpoints, and genuinely listen to people with an open heart. It is important to wake up from the mass consciousness where fear and anger reside, so that we may use this revolutionary energy for our…

“At the Center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit. And that center is really everywhere. It is within each of us.” – Black Elk In ancient Taoism, Lao Tzu called it the tao. It’s both real and unimaginable, partly tangible and completely intangible, part substance yet purely formless, part describable yet mostly indescribable. Roethke…

And in a moment – we slowed down and started conversations with our neighbors. We stopped to listen when someone answered “how are you?” We actually felt ourselves caring. What happened? Did we not care before? We started noticing our stress, our sleep, our breathing. We even started to ponder how we spent our time…

David Starlyte

David Starlyte

David is a holistic healer, writer and teacher. A health-science Degree graduate in Naturopathic Wellbeing with a Graduate Diploma in Mental Health from Nan Tien University, David's background includes over 20 years in the wellness industry with the last 12 of those being based in Australia. He has trained with Qi Gong masters in China and Buddhist monks in Thailand. He has even studied with kabbalists as a monastic in the Middle-East.

As a channel for Divine wisdom, his intuitive coaching, speaking and healing sessions invoke purposeful shifts into deeper connection, inner peace and awakening.

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