One of the most powerful messages I’ve seen and I don’t think I need to describe why it’s so important.
Our whole world has been set up with confusing often conflicting messages of both profound disempowerment and empowerment. That seems by creation for and by duality.
We have become addicted to good versus evil narratives that divide the world and divide our minds.
We become split personalities – on one hand loving to our families and on the other hand nasty to those outside of our little group. Or some are loving to their group and hateful to their families. Our loyalties are divided between race, religion, nationality, sexual preference, gender and other masks designed to confuse or mesmerise the majority. It’s all smoke and mirrors all the roles we play. It’s just acting – a dance –
Stop taking everything seriously and defragment. Break away from barriers. Step into oneness. Step into self-responsibility.
Hatred is never ended by hatred, only through love.
Expand the vibration of love.

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