One of my favourite quotes of all time via Friedrich Nietzsche:

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who couldn’t hear the music.”

Can you hear the music playing?

Does it mean we should ignore what is happening around us and dance anyways? Does it mean we can’t hear the music? Does it mean we are inside looking out or outside looking in? Does it mean we should dance despite the circumstances we find ourselves in? Does it mean we are are the ones dancing? Which one are you?

Maybe it means make music come rain or shine, come storm or calm!

Make music….

Now is our time:

A time for the earth to rest and heal.

A time for reflection and renewal.

A time to spent quality playing with your kids.

A time for kids to have time to explore unconditionally and without rigid time limits (some restrictions necessary).

A time for us to relearn love, stillness, kindness, art, cooking, baking, music and craft.

A time for us to make love.

A time for us to mend our collective hearts, nurture our bodies, and connect with our loved ones.

The magic has not been taken away from us, in fact we are being gifted magic outside of our fear.

Stay healthy – be kind – be love


As I crossed the threshold into the portal of letting go of fear and belief systems, I arrived clear

Inside the crystalline temple.

Here I am free to


Surrounded by the energies of Oneness and Unity Consciousness and harmonic convergence.

Dancing my consciousness with

Sacred geometries, codes of light, ancient sunlight, starlight

Exploring within

No more thoughts

Just feeling


This too shall be over soon. And then it will be a memory. All will pass away. Every storm passes. It’s not here forever. We are not here forever. Enjoy the quality of the moments you have and make the world a better place for us all.

If you are undergoing hardship or suffering, feel free to reach out. I don’t promise to answer every email, just to do my best within the limits of time/ energy.

With love always,


Art and poetry by David Star’lyte.

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