Did you know that we can only see and create based on our programming? Our patterning is set by our conditioning, and mostly in place before we reach 7-years’ of age. Usually our family unit is the prime creator of our consciousness blueprint, or pattern of beliefs. We see what we are programmed to see.

Think of this. It may be a storm.

Do we see hardship and negativity, cold and excessive water as a negative, depletive force – or something that is positive, a clearing away of old dirty stuff, and the harbinger of good times?

This current coronavirus situation is the storm.

A phenomenal example of human potential, Bruce Lee lived his life as an example of accomplishment over fear, success over doubt, sunshine over gloominess. He said, “To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities.”

A great Japanese proverb remind us – fall seven times, stand up eight times. Implied is that we need to stand up again and again until we keep standing. Whatever life throws at us, we need to throw more back.

The battles are in our hearts and minds.

What beliefs do we have about ourselves and our world?

How are they self-defeating and self-sabotaging. Think of how many times you say, “I can’t…” Or turn down an opportunity with an excuse.

stand up

It’s a hard thing to sit with ourselves and feel love and kindness if the intensity of the world is getting to our inner peace. Some days are going to feel “tough,”  – placing boundaries and importance around self-care is non-negotiable in these challenging moments.

Even if we are despairing, that is the time to stay true to love, stay true to ourselves and stay true to our commitment to uplifting ourselves and humanity.

This message may not resonate with everyone. Yet I’m sure everyone feels down on themselves. A gentle reminder, that that is the time to practise self-love. That’s time to say “enough is enough” – “I’m valuable and worthy enough to be loved”

To hell with circumstances! I create opportunities!

With love always,


If you are undergoing hardship or suffering, feel free to reach out. I don’t promise to answer every email, just to do my best within the limits of time/ energy.


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