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We woke up and it was a different world. Or perhaps we were sleeping before?

These times are for spiritual awakening – a shift in how we think about ourselves and our place on a planet.
The virus is showing that humans are interconnected, interwoven into the fabric of this planet. We have always known we are connected, we just lost our way and suppressed this to focus on instant gratification and materialism.

Our true purpose and our real task is a spiritual one – to find our dharma and live it truthfully and purposefully – to dedicate ourselves to the evolution and upliftment of humanity.

We are shifting into a new world, a higher frequency.

A new timeline is opening up for raised vibration and ascension. This is a time to focus in on your consciousness and its evolution.

Here are some thoughts on how to evolve your spiritual consciousness during these difficult times, to create an expanded field of consciousness that vibrates at a love and peace frequency:

  1. Work your dharmaContinue to work with your light in connecting to your dharma in the world. You have more assistance than ever right now.
  2. Meditate on accepting impermanenceThis too shall pass – impermanence is one of the only concepts of three-dimensional living that is repeatedly tested and proven to be true scientifically and philosophically.
  3. Self-masteryRemember – you are the master of your experiences. Let go of any negative thoughts, of being a victim of experience, or thoughts of lack, of poverty consciousness. Replace any negatives with the seed idea that:We live in an abundant multiverse of possibilities.
  4. Self as Co-creatorYou are author of your life and whatever comes is a cocreation for the purposes of learning and evolution. Self-Realization comes from realizing that indeed everything is a co-creation.
  5. Every soul is here to make a differenceWe are here to nurture and grow the energy of kindness, to be more loving, more kind, more compassionate.
  6. Visualize a new world into beingLiving in a  field of vibration, we have an innate ability to imagine, to create and see imagery instantaneously with our mind. For instance, if I were to say to you to close your eyes and visualise a pink elephant in front of you, how long would it take? If I were to say to you, imagine the world vibrating with life-force energy, vibrant abundant plant and animal life, surrounded by pure water, blue oceans, and replenished ocean life. Imagine the world filled with clean air, vibrating with joy and ease and happiness.Task: See in your mind a new earth infused with sacred bells and universal consciousness and golden light.

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