“In our rush to fix our problems, we neglect to allow space and time for our wounds to teach us.”

Richard Rohr

richard rohr quote

We need to recognise and acknowledge time as important to sit with our physical and spiritual injuries and fully recover in body and soul.

Any injury is not merely physical and not merely spiritual as our soul descends and animates our energy field and fuels our living soul-body.

It takes time to integrate and understand the lessons and shift our vibration.

Patterns are shifting when we have any change in our life circumstances and frequently it is a call for an internal shift which may be seismic in nature or less dramatically so too.

I have had some months to be still and ground myself – those are all my lessons. Non-movement isn’t easy for most people who are rushing around in a fast-paced social construct. Stillness doesn’t come naturally or spontaneously to most people – yet I was gifted with this experience so I could experience stillness as my only reality.

Contemplation and reflection require presence. Allow the lessons to integrate slowly and surely – patience is a helping hand.

Love your journey.

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