Love from the Source is Divine love, without impurities or limitations. Limitations are the product of the human ego and the dualistic indoctrination of education, media, as well as collective thought-waves and global patterns of conduct.

Our healing power is within.

Many are living now in countries with vast political polarisation, partisanship and the power-hungry, sowing division. “Divide and rule” seems to be the motto or more precisely, “divide and take the spoils.” One only has to look at Democratic and Republican behaviour in America to see this being applied. It is quite frankly disempowering and sows the seeds of ignorance and fear as well as separation consciousness.

I teach non-duality consciousness instead of polarisation and the type of blaming that perpetuates victimhood and regression. I promote a world of inclusivity not exclusivity, of acceptance and not disenfranchisement. This doesn’t mean values are not important. Values are still integral. It doesn’t mean violence, terror and dangerous ideologies should be tolerated or pacified.

Ideologies that promote division include a current trend of shaming masculine energies and labelling them “toxic masculinity” and a “tyrannical patriarchy.”

Just like misogynistic behaviour is unconscionable, so too, our boys need protection, love and care.

Labelling demeans and demands little of our intelligence. It’s simply lazy.

Our origins in the west have endorsed power structures, political elites and a patriarchal social order. Evolving this does not require that we name and shame men. That only creates more distance and division, and disempowers the masculine.

Oppressive structures require a fluid shift, from masculine to feminine to honouring both masculine and feminine in a perfect balance.

Tyrannical structures are healed through understanding and tolerance. Sometimes a revolution is called for, yet we have to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and simply go to the opposite extreme. We need to make our men feel loved and safe, whilst empowering our own feminine voices, and letting go of anger in the process.

Let’s love divinely both masculine and feminine forces within our own unified field. The One consciousness that we seek is within, and it carries both masculine and feminine. They are not (and needn’t be) out of synch or in-battle with each other. We are intrinsically one consciousness. And we are learning to know ourselves.

The one consciousness is love. It’s here now.

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