“Two opposing truths can exist simultaneously in the same space. Do not therefore assume that That Which Opposes You is That Which Is Not Good For You. It may be just the reverse.”
Neale Donald Walsh
There’s an amazing thing that happens when belief systems, perspectives and narratives dictated by groupthink or partisan agendas are expressed freely. It’s called chaos.
The strength of the media is in playing a particular narrative based on a particular political agenda. It’s hard to find truly independent media any more (does it even exist?). Cascading influences compete for market share of the agenda they promote. Various power-brokers influence the lay of the land, in which direction the wind blows in the political maelstrom.
Where do we find what is true and real in this chaotic agenda-filled world, where it seems a vast political agendas demand our ever-dwindling attention span?
What we see as a narrow road may not be a road at all, and perhaps more expansive as what we realise.
It’s easy to make assumptions. Easy to act on them. There is always something beyond what we can see with our own two eyes.
The multidimensionality of the universe is designed to be infinitely complex and cocreative as its designed by consciousness, filled by consciousness (even in the voids and black holes). There is nothing that it isn’t, nowhere where it hasn’t gone, nobody it doesn’t visit.
The narratives are all illusory.
What makes you richer is the picture, that you hold in your mind.
 The power of the Universe is within you, beloved.

With love and gratitude,


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