How are we born into this world?

First, there is a soul. The soul must find a body within the three-dimensional earth field in which to incarnate. A body is not born without a soul. A soul finds a suitable body to inhabit via a process of elimination, guided and intelligent choice via the wisdom keepers, and enlightened guides.

The process of soul incarnation is likened to a drop of fluid descending downwards from a waterfall down to a pond below where the energy collects within the body. The heavenly realm is light, filled by rainbow-density.

When people speak about a twin flame – they mean a split soul – a soul split in two entities, two elements (not necessarily male and female, yet usually they have taken on opposing genders). This is not unusual, yet what is unusual is for the split soul to meet and choose to fall in love with opposite parts of itself. That is not a foregone conclusion.

I haven’t personally encountered such a thing. Logically, I do not expect that it would be commonplace, simply as it doesn’t make a lot of sense that it would be.

In fact (and correct me if I am wrong), I haven’t come across any reported cases that had evidence for this.

I don’t discount it however – theoretically it is possible – it just seems unlikely.

What is common are soul agreements, which people call destiny.

It is usual for souls to meet each other again and again in arrangements people crudely describe as “soulmates.”

People choose who will be their parents and the family in which they are born and the type of lifetime they will live. For instance you chose your family and their financial status – how you would grow up and the type of values you would be exposed to. This was your choice before you were incarnated.

People also have a clear picture of their significant others (like a husband/wife) – if they have one – when it is an important relationship. There is a “soul recognition” that often occurs subconsciously on meeting this person, people frequently report noticing “signs” and symbols around them, as if the symphony of creation is dancing with them at this magical time in their life. They are being pulled in a certain direction, sucked into the vortex of creation, that signifies their destiny.

People don’t really usually understand that much about the spirit worlds (due to the veil of forgetting – the frequency divide between the spiritual world and the “solid” physical world) – I have some knowledge myself – yet it is important to understand free will. This is the currency of existence. God does not interfere in people’s free will. Also humans often rush to meet goals – perhaps a soul is slow to learn. Why the rush? Each unique expression is valid.

Everyone has different “soulmates” and perhaps different expectations and experiences and definitions of what this word means. What does it mean to your soul? Would you like to share your soulmate or twin-flame experience?

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Featured Image via: Louise Dyer

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