The soul is not the body. The body is not the soul. Yet they are brought together and synergise to jointly co-create the life you experience as your own.

Each has its own history, personality and unique characteristics. For instance, a body may have a tendency towards action and its soul may seek to complement that, to embrace physicality. This may be for the purpose of soul growth.

Indeed it is an alchemy between body and soul.

The human being that results from this alchemy will often seek out relationships with people.

Nowadays some people may take on numerous relationships. It’s not necessarily certain that this was preordained – how soul-made (soul-created) these choices are before being incarnated varies. Some aspects of one’s future life are more clear or certain than others. Yet all of it is contained within a field of choice.

To explain this (and I am trying to make it as simple as possible): a person may choose to be born into a privileged and cultured family in Paris in the year 2000 in order to pursue their soul aim of becoming a successful musician and revisiting a previous life in Paris. The choices of romantic interests may be varied and up to free will choice. However in mid-life, there may be a clear opportunity to settle down with a chosen person. It is still free will whether this person will take this chance

The feelings and circumstances will arise in a magnanimous and orchestrated way to make sure this event and soul choice is made.

There is much that is decided beforehand in terms of the potential growth and what would be worked on – yet many things can and do go wrong and there is always free will.

A soul may come for one purpose and then take their own life and remove themselves from the planet – then their life purpose was not achieved – we all fail – many times – we set goals for ourselves – we have ambitions, hope and dreams as a soul.

Nothing is accidental or by mistake.

This planet is not easy or simple. Our soul needs to fend for itself. It needs to learn to be human. It needs to deal with many different and often contrasting energies and agendas. When a soul chooses another soul for marriage – it is saying – this is the soul I wish to work with and cocreate with – this is the soul where I will have the best chance of achieving my life’s aims. With this soul – I can meet my goals for this lifetime.

Then you could say from an abstract level – this is your soul friend – your soulmate. You are choosing to cocreate together – to learn together. Surely it qualifies as a “soulmate” – it all depends on what definition and understanding one has.

A soulmate in a romantic sense may be chosen for the goal of mutual spiritual growth and support. Often via negotiation and communication, a course of action is decided upon that may mutually benefit both souls. There is also an important understanding of masculine and feminine principles that must be pursued, independent of the particular genders involved. The higher soul expressed itself through playing or dancing together with polarities, yet not being controlled by them.

Soulmate love is soul-chosen love or partnership. Romantic love can be a transient expression of soul love or dancing with creation. True love

Each person may take on a role within a partnership. This is nuanced and individual, expressing the soul choices. When fear-based, it can involve with-holding of love, control, manipulation, pretence, fantasy, etc. Expectations differ. Seeing beyond the masks, beyond the inherent duality, beyond the “dream” of playing a role / various roles, one moves into Unity Consciousness or Oneness.

This is indeed possible within soul pairs or soulmates. Uniting with another, especially playing out the masculine and feminine polarities, indeed is a way to transcendence. The idea of enlightenment is enriched by having a partner. In the tradition of tantra – this is highlighted.

Within the western tradition, twin-flame love is seen as a way of unmasking the dense cobweb of forgetting (who we are). The morass of spiritual compost is shed by the power of love. As always love is our link to Creation, our link to Creator. Love is our link to the eternal flame of Union, of Oneness, the sacred path to the Heavenly realms.

With love,


Featured Image via: Louise Dyer

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