Who are you?

Who am I?

We are ONE. We are not separate.

That other person is you.

The myriad forms around you are a multi-dimensional mirror. In other words, every thing you see, every person you meet – is really you. The illusion is complete because we are programmed to completely believe in separation. We believe that each other person is a separate individual instead of merely another “self” – although we are part of the whole.

The whole system is actually GOD. Intense ONENESS.

Love for all.

We have many streams of consciousness around us to contend with. I know, personally, as David Starlyte, it is not easy to differentiate, to understand, to always see the bigger picture and embrace the illusion for what it is. I may at times (maybe often) tune into a fear-based frequency from here in the three-dimensional world. I am not always ready to embrace unconditional acceptance and love in these moments. It takes a leap of faith to transmute the heaviness of the natural 3-D mask, and enter into the impermanence and deep peace of the 5-D world. Love is the greatest barometer. The inter-dimensional time-traveller knows he must embrace his heart to enter into other timelines and other worlds.

I am coming to understand that each moment is ‘perfection’ – however strange and mystical that may seem. It definitely seems impractical and otherworldly to assume or contend perfection of all things. Yet it is all based on the “seeing” – perception is all. Even a murderer may be taking his free will steps to meet his Creator in his own way. it seems strange to contend that his actions are perfection. Time is an illusion, the all-forever is all now, all completion, all the “Oneness” that this writing is entitled.

At times I am like the brother of Christ. In truth, Christ Consciousness is for all. It is based on unconditional love and unconditional acceptance. We all can meet and embrace the Christ consciousness.

Who needs our love?

All things. All people.

The most lost and disconnected people need our greatest love.

Accept the strange ones into your heart.

We are all SOURCE.

We all are made in Heaven.

Love all that is.

And play with these beautiful illusions. They are all perfection.
Be kind to your brothers and sisters and to all beings (animals, plants, etc.)

Live from the heart and live fully in this short-lived appearance of what is real. Oscar Wilde wrote these enchanting words, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

Live inside this bubble of your making. Truly live.

With love and compassion,


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