We are all lights having an experience of being in the dark.

Duality is merely a three-dimensional expression of what lies beyond. The biblical creation story talks about the void and the gases bubbling up to form matter, which eventually differentiated in a progression .

This material world exhibits a polarity on the surface. A manifestation of yin and yang opposites misdirects the observer so that the underlying order and oneness can be easily overlooked.

The over-arching theme of the 20th century has been rapid development and ongoing war, a battle between good and evil. The 21st century has begun with complexity and environmental degradation being at the forefront. Many of our idols have been devastated by the revealing of what lies beneath their fame and fortune. Empty egoes are falling fast. 

Anything that is not from love is in the dark.

As we shift from third-dimensional beings into fourth and fifth dimensional beings, our focus changes to love. This love is universal – the love for all things, the love for all conditions, the love for all beings, including every human being you’ve ever met.

Do you recognise each other – do you see the light in another’s eyes? Do you remember the light in your own?

The fear is simply forgetting who we are.

Let the sun rise –

you are the sun rising.

The poet Ian Woo writes something elegant – “Before I give an answer, I see a flower.”

To taste such sweetness in life is indeed an elevational goal. An experience of flowering. This flowering is becoming the embodiment of love in action. It’s a movement – as all emotion is energy in motion. It is not static or still or “cold.” Love is alive.

It is not just about the experience of love – it is also about feeling the existential joy of being alive. 

When we change, reality changes, or as others have written, when we change the way we see so-called “reality,” it morphs. The mere changing of our perception is enough to evolve the morphogenic field. 

Scientists studied a way to understand the physical universe – yet our next destination is to understand the energetic universe. This will help to explain the many anomalies caused by seeing reality as reductionist and trying to break it down into little building blocks. 

This viewpoint has helped to keep us limited and contained within these little building blocks of reality. It has kept us controllable. 

Metaphysical reality is based on an infinite, unlimited and abundant intelligence not bound by physical laws. It is this perception that will help us gain ground and meet the limitless field beyond our current view. First, we need to break free of “authority” and “authoritarian views” that keep us narrow and constrained. By all means, if something is repeatedly proven, accept it. This is not to promote denial of universal laws and mutual respect. It is merely to promote investigation and insight. Einstein warned of the dangers of following blindly when he said, “unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

Instead of seeing ourselves as disconnected, how about we first see ourselves as connected and then go from there.

Who are you to share your light? Perhaps you should rather ask yourself, Who are you not to share your light?

With love and compassion,


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