silhouette-man-jumping-beach-883937-printWe have come so far – and yet there is more to do – further to go. We must move onward and build strong trust and faith that we are supported in this grand spiritual journey. We are not – nor never were alone. We are not islands in the sea – we are all reflective of each other – reflecting the collective consciousness and part of the Divine (holy spirit). This has always been the way – seemingly separate from God – yet part of the web or matrix of energy that is our Source.

What this grand human experiment is about, is choice. Free will choice. Our experiences are not accidental. They come with purpose – they are made by our free will choices and our mental field. This field around us is both intelligent and purposeful. We are not victims of it – as we create it. Yet we are unaware of our power. So it is like we can see everything if we open our eyes – yet we believe we are blind of even worse, blindfolded.

This is not so.

We are architects of our life and lifetimes. The ascension process towards finer spirituality on this planet comes with awareness of who we are and our actual power. Feeling victims, and buying into the distorted media/ entertainment industry’s version of events – in which we are painted as the victims – and the themes are fear-based – we are separated from our cosmic vision and potential to “awaken” to whom we are.

The illusion of blindness is no excuse for behaving like spoiled children. Wanting something yet failing to take the necessary steps in hard-work and discipline to get there. This is often the fault of egotistical new age teachers who whilst often inspiring – also create a version of events – where as long as you keep paying them money and buying into their vision – you will manifest the same illusory “greatness” they have achieved from you giving them rent. So you are essentially renting a version of a person who shows you who you are.

That is not you.

You are unique.

Your blueprint is yours alone. The moment you follow others, you have in some way denied yourself. Expending energy on other people’s dreams, you remove yourself from your own dream.

Be yourself.

What new dreams will you create and aspire to produce in 2019? I wish for you a great and worthy journey. May you be enlightened.

With love and compassion,

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