donald-trump-2005343_960_720The cosmic awakening reached its peak in 2012, and since then we have seen our greatest role models fall in a heap.

We have seen a breakdown in leadership and the knowledge that the media and governments are corrupt to the core. Even the financial system is morally bankrupt. Increasingly unethical behaviour has been publicly revealed. It is not that in previous times the rampant and systematic dehumanisation of people has not been occurring en masse – or the suppression of women – it is just that it is now coming out in the open – for our reflection and healing.

Donald Trump is no more sinister than previous leaders – he is just more open about it – and that is not a step backwards – it is on the contrary – a step forwards. He is a way-shower – showing us ourselves – showing us what is happening at the top – pointing to the “swamp” as he calls it.images-15

With the spread of knowledge, and everything available free on the internet, our economy is in paralysis. So many of the services that used to be provided for a fee, are now freely available. In addition, robotisation occurs exponentially. Fast-forward to a future run by computers. What will people do?

This is the unenviable challenge we face. The collective force is moving us forward, yet with inherent unanswered questions and challenges. Who will lead the computer revolution – and what will humanity become?

If technology can be used for our collective good, there is virtually no ceiling to our development – no problem beyond a solution.

How do we manage the economy and our financial structures?

Do we need to work?

What do we do about ownership? Money?

Surely, if robots can do all the work, that’s a revolutionary step forward? Only if we include spiritual values – compassion, kindness, sharing, co-creation and love.

With spiritual values – we are in an enviable situation – because we are close to so many breakthroughs in technology – there is almost a limitless upper limit.

Now, what is it we are moving towards? Essentially, the infantile concept of the creator “God” who came down and fashioned people out of sand, is shifting. Humanity is fashioning “robot” creatures with more abilities than we have (they never get tired) and with brains that can wire themselves, digital printers that can print new parts. We are becoming creator gods/goddesses.

Is this something to be feared?

Some days seem imperfect, yet one comes to realise these imperfections are all in the mind. And we learn to go deeper to realise the perfection.

It is us as humanity that is awakening. It is we who are becoming conscious. We are realising who we are.

With love and compassion,

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Secondary Image via Pxhere.

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