Healing and Transformation

Earthling – beloved creation –
You are consciousness manifested.

You are the one you’ve been waiting to arrive – to wake up – to reset – to awaken. All the spiritual masters and teachers from the old times have taught you this – have taught you to be what you are – to become who you are – to be the person you wish to be.

You are not separate from the reality you choose to experience.

You are connected to it – always – and can keep connecting to it by keeping the portal open. This is your prayer – your meditation – your living breath. Breathe into your life that which you wish to experience – creativity, love, joy, peace, goodness, wholesomeness – breathe out from your life that which you wish to dispel – toxic energy, old energy, all the patterns and beliefs that you’ve inhabited from your past – let them go.

It’s as simple as that!

It is wonderful to breathe in the SIMPLICITY…

Because you have been carrying a huge load on your shoulders for too long.

You keep thinking there is something outside of you.

Truthfully, you have believed there’s some trick or missing key you need to find and unlock to create the life of your dreams. When really, it’s about stepping into this life. Just take that step with all your being.

How do you do this?

Let go of the past. It’s gone. Forgive all parts of it. Live fully in the present moment – your only moment of choice. Embrace this power of NOW. It’s your true power and the gateway to your awakening.

“Consciousness wakes up to itself. That is who you are. It may not be who you think you are.”


Be grateful for all that exists in this moment
Go with the flow!!!!
Breathe in.
Breathe out!
It is all ONE.
Love and light,
You are a creation of God.
This is why you really are good enough.
You are awesome as you are, and I love you!
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