via PXHEREWhat are your judgements? If they had a voice, what would that voice say? What is their personality?

Do you feel you are separate from others – and your judgements make them seem even further apart from you?

Are you part of the whole or whole of the part?

I see a lot of toxicity – in our thoughts, in our emotions, in our environments. The physical pollutants are not just polluting our environment with poisons, they are reflected in the pollution of our minds, the pollution of our hearts.

And one of the signposts that keeps us separate – is judgement.

When we feel into the world, we see a matrix of energy that synthesises through consciousness. There is nothing separate or disconnected. If you tune into other people, can you feel them – can you feel their pain, their desire, the yearnings of their hearts?

Do you see them as far away from you?

Distance is an illusion. Whether a child starving in Africa is yearning for its next meal, or your family member is depressed, it is human suffering, and we are ONE HUMAN FAMILY.

We are not separate. We are a Divine symphony, and in this symphony, there is no winner, there are no losers, because we are family. If we don’t care for each other, it surely only represents what is inside of us. And I know we are more than we are currently demonstrating.

The economy is shifting, and slowly people are waking up to the hierarchical system of control and manipulation all around them. It’s easy to get sucked in to media messages, and I am not judging anyone for feeling the hypnotic pull of entertainment or so-called “news.”

I’ve been there too.

We cannot change this world without awareness. We cannot change this world without being the change we wish to see (as Gandhi famously demonstrated).

Projections onto other people only cause more suffering. The more separate we see others’ from ourselves, the more we fear. Our life becomes a demonstration of fear, and not our potential and destiny, which is to live our lives in love. For anything that is not love, is fear.

Anything that is not of fear, is of love.

Simply put, I urge you to love more, let go of fear, see yourself in other people, and always start with self-love being the gateway to wisdom, to perception. We are the same – you and me – the same yet also different.

Separation is fear-based and comes from a traditional dualistic notion of separation. Beyond light and dark, beyond spirit and matter, is the acceptance and peace that comes from integration as a spirit being that walks the earth as a human being.

We are love, the essence of love. And the more we can embody that, the easier life will become.


You are a creation of God.
This is why you really are good enough.
You are awesome as you are, and I love you!
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