are you here?

Did you ever ask yourself this question?

Did you ponder on the reasons you incarnated as an eternal soul in a ephemeral human being.

Do you see yourself as separate from others – as separate from Creation?
(Be honest!)

One of the keys I see in my practice is not only acceptance and finding peace with whatever is and has been presenting itself…it is also loving the self. It is crucial to be able to look into one’s eyes and see God. It is so important.

To see oneself with love. To forgive the past.

Get silent and become present with your mind. Look beyond its narrow concepts into a deeper part of yourself that perhaps has been neglected and hidden from view.

Within is a genius, a master, a graceful soul. Make sure to see with the eyes of love, the eyes of peace, the eyes of forgiveness. For we are usually our own greatest judge. Soften the inner critic.

Can you sense your true self?

The perception of the world as a source and wellspring of love and of the eternal flame of God (Source energy) is what Jesus described as the kingdom of heaven – or what Buddha described as nirvana. Spiritual awakening is simply being awake – being aware – seeing.

Do you see…

You are a creation of God.
This is why you really are good enough.
You are awesome as you are, and I love you!
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