Healing and Transformation

For a long time, I didn’t want to write – as I felt I was writing only for me – and there was nobody on the other side to meet me.

I want to be loved.

My lesson is to love, to BE LOVE (that means I won’t want or need for anything) – to wholly inhabit LOVE unconditionally. This is actually Christ consciousness, not just as a theory, as an embodiment. To embody the Christ energy, is to love unconditionally all beings, yet also see the Christ within every person, whether they’re labile, open, closed, gripped by light or dark.
So – I have this desire to be loved. That is my weakness, my vulnerability – my desire for being met, for being approved of.

This is a universal human desire to be approved of – that keeps us safe or safer from external threats.

Yet the eternal threat is more dangerous – the threat that my ego will lead me into falsehood, drama and darkness.
There is partly a universal story here, a universal archetype.
Like in all of our lessons.
They are common to all people.

When one learns to love oneself, one doesn’t need anything on the outside.
Yet that is when one will receive it.

When one yearns for love on the outside, it doesn’t flow, because one is sending out the energy of “not-love.”
I was suffering in dark and desolate places, so much so from about 13-25.

I was a virgin and didn’t have any romantic relationship, so I was never touched/ held.

I believe that also adds to the desolation and ISOLATION, that sense of being alone and not being held, not feeling desired or desirable, feeling so separate.

It takes a brave soul to come out of these phases.
We are now awakening so fast – and this is an ASCENSION.
There is a big soul EXPANSION, and so much SOUL energy being remembered, recalled and INTEGRATED into each individual body.

Go with the flow. Go with your soul.

Much love and light,

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You are a creation of God.
This is why you really are good enough.
You are awesome as you are, and I love you!
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