I am Starlight! We are all made from starlight.

And the stars hold the vibration of love. Of God.

Who is this God?

God is within.

I invite you to see and feel and experience and embody that.

What do I do?

I am primarily a teacher of peace. This means I am attuned to peace and all the bountiful gifts it brings. I can convey that feeling to other people via my presence.

Now, what does this mean as a healer?

Many people have blockages in the form of limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, confused thoughts. These can convert physically into pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive disorders, etc.

Through careful focus and mindfulness, one can bring attention to these blockages and while understanding them with awareness, they cease to have a hold. Through examination, comes release.

How does this actually work?

All healing is in the mind. It is the healer’s job to be a facilitator, to help people become present, and make peace with their wounds.

Finding a way

I have travelled and worked in many countries, at some stunning natural spa retreat locations. Nearly a decade back, I grew a lot of confidence through my work at Six Senses Sanctuary, which was a retreat designed purely for wellbeing.

Before, I spent many years often quite isolated, studying and immersed in spiritual environments.

I found much wisdom is in books, yet when we live this wisdom, in the form of “EMBODIMENT” then it sits within us, and makes a powerful waterfall of wisdom.
Embodiment is the next level, and the route we are going as evolving souls and within the collective consciousness of humanity.

There is always more to learn. Yet also, there is an unfolding or letting go of layers that occurs over time. So the more one learns, the more one has to let go of too.

This is because within each person is a pearl, a spark of Divinity. One could search one’s whole life to discover that it was all there already, within.


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