sunset-697401_960_720 via pixabayThere has been a much greater need since the industrial revolution led to increased urbanisation and stress levels rocketed. Today some cities are designed better yet still problems persist in the design of lighting (24-7) and the noise and air pollution. Overall, people are drowning in the technology that was meant to help them (WIFI, mobile phones, smart devices, etc.

Truly, nature has all the healing available abundantly. It is just that city people through their belief systems have cast nature as the enemy to be feared and suppressed. In actuality, we live in an abundant environment that is safe; and there is enough for everyone to share of its bounty.

The more imbalanced people become in cities, the more unhappy, and a feeling of lack or emptiness inside sprouts. The more stress people have in their lives, the more desire for wellness, to come back into balance. There is a flame flickering inside each person saying “there must be more to life than what I’m currently experiencing.”

Getting in touch with our inner souls

If technology was so advanced, why does it take so long to travel just inter-city; why have we only gone to the Moon and not beyond? Why are so many people sick and suffering? Why are people still starving to death? Human beings have done a very average job of running this planet.

There are always changing trends yet human nature remains fairly consistent. Qualities of the soul that are foundational include love, knowingness, bliss. Our true nature is actually love. The blockages and stress we see in our man-made environments come from artificial belief systems, greed and selfishness. Technology doesn’t change the basic nature of the soul, or the needs of a person. Wellbeing is something inherently found in nature, where there is sustenance, abundant creative energy and balance. The root dysfunction is in suppressing the divine feminine, and creating a world from an unhealthy or immature masculine perspective that seeks to dominate and suppress through logic, instead of co-ordinate, balance and co-create with love, compassion, wisdom, gentleness and nurturing.

Digital connectivity is merely man’s attempt to connect, yet the technology in the root systems of rain forests supersedes these attempts. Intelligence is everywhere in this universe, certainly not just in the domain of man.

Wifi connectivity and social media networks fill the gap where we are afraid of being alone with our selves, filling the void of the existential questions, who am I, and what is my place in the world.

In some ways, our connectivity is bringing awareness to what is going on, and keeping things from being hidden from us as humanity. This is an important shift and as it continues, we will start to see real advances in our world. The powerbrokers who run the economy are still stuck in a selfish mindset that says “there is not enough” – “we are entitled to take everything we can get.”

Whatever the level of technology (really quite exaggerated I feel), our soul is here to experience life and the world, and technology is hardly going to change that vital mission.



You are a creation of God.

This is why you really are good enough.

You are awesome as you are, and I love you!
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