does a spiritual person relate to their world? Are they using the traditional tools of connection – or open to new ways of thinking and being?

The fifth-dimensional person is one open to “being” instead of doing” with the higher perspective that you are already that which you seek. The energy of abundance, for instance, is pre-existing potentiality. All things lie in this void of creation, where infinity dwells (GOD).

Ascension energy is about fifth-dimensional frequencies instead of the old systems (designed in 3-d). The three-dimensional world is created by POLARITY. Polarity is within all aspects of this world-view. It is all about duality. (male; female; north: south; yin-yang; up-down; forwards-backwards)

The opening up that is happening as the frequencies on the planet become more refined, is in this ascension energy where the concept of polarity is no longer necessary or relevant. The energy that arises from this space is ONENESS, non-duality.

It is this fifth-dimensional energy that is shifting our potentiality and is what is spoken of in terms of “Ascension energy,” the old ways don’t necessarily fit any more.

For those seeking outside of themselves for help, Divine assistance, help from ascended masters, guides, angels, archangels, within is a co-creator God. Is it necessary to receive outside help? Or just attuning and re-tuning to that perfect being or oversoul that knows what is best.

In fact, as all are One, it is not necessary to seek as we are already found via the infinite Divine nature of self. When calling for supervision, it implies that help is not already there, intrinsically. If extrinsic, then what is inside of us (if wisdom is outside of ourselves, then that’s what we go searching for, something that is already there, as we are whole and complete). We just don’t see our wholeness (our inferiority complex is caused by a fault in training, a fault in beliefs, an error of thought and emotion.) Our Divinity is intrinsic, and this is what we are capable of working with.

We can easily get sucked into pathways and ways that are old and no longer always useful for the modern times. They are just ways to view the world, not the way, not the truth. Just flavours. Truly all that is contained within is the wholeness and infinity of all these natures expressed and combined innately to reveal our wisdom, love, Divinity, wholeness, knowingness and bliss.


You are a creation of God.

This is why you really are good enough.

You are awesome as you are, and I love you!
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