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It’s a human trait to go through challenges that bring about suffering. I wonder if it’s even possible to go through life and avoid at least some form of suffering, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

It is not always suffering that defeats people – it is more the attitude to suffering that is cultivated – that matters most.

When the source of suffering is a deep-rooted sub-conscious message in the psyche that says, “I am not good enough,” then there are potential pitfalls and definitely aspects of self-denial that could suppress progress.

One of the deepest and most intractable fears, “I’m not good enough,” gets expressed in multiple ways, often hidden and is the source of so much of our suffering.

If only we could see this root clearly, and address it, life would become much more effortless. In fact, the way into an effortless life, is to speak into the inner child part of ourselves and love it unconditionally. The antidote to our fear, is love.


A lie is conditioned from an early age. It’s a part of society’s message that we if we get an education, we will be able to get a job. When we graduate, get a job, and pay our taxes, then we’re able to live the good life. Next comes marriage. Life is really good here, making a family…
Tick the boxes and everything will be OK!

Conformity will be rewarded with abundance and happiness.

Now, we know the reality hasn’t quite lived up to this expectation, especially since the fall of the middle class (and the reign of the super-rich elite). Did this start in the Reagan era?

It doesn’t matter, when it started, however, the point is that, the reality we are living in is (thank God) not cookie-cutter style any more. It’s self-expression, digital revolution, and plenty of uncertainty!

As we go into this increasingly messy reality of change, we can be transformational catalysts (awareness-boosters), or we can stay asleep, blind and re-living the pre-programmed fears like Groundhog Day.

It’s important to keep addressing our deepest fears and core woundings.

Why am I suffering? Or what is behind my suffering?

What is the source of my pain?

What do I really want to express?

What would LOVE say if it had a voice?

Is this the voice of love or fear?

Is my need for control because I feel out of control, or deep down want to maintain “control” because I don’t feel good enough?

Does nothing make me feel good enough, even if I get the best job, best lover, best (fill the gap) something in the world? Is there still a void – or feeling of emptiness inside?

Am I really jealous or just believe that I’m not good enough to receive the same gifts I resent seeing in another person?

This feeling inside is making me uncomfortable – if I ask myself – “what is behind this feeling” – what message do I intuitively get?

Behind my sadness, is…?

To end off my message on a positive note, let’s meditate on joy.

Why are you good enough?

Eckhart Tolle wrote: “You are the universe…Expressing itself as human for a while…”

So if you are the universe, how can you be anything other than a wonderfully cosmic co-creation of matter, spirit, consciousness and dreams? If you are the universe (and you definitely are your own universe), then why is it a problem if you’re different (unique) compared to others?

Once you know you are the universe, you realise that you are enough, and always were enough, and always will be enough. Do you need anyone else to tell you “you’re OK” – other than your own approval?

The universe has various qualities known in the Vedic (Indian scriptures), including the following, Sat Nam: LOVE, KNOWINGNESS, BLISS.

These are the inherent qualities of the universe inside.

Own these qualities, becoming aware that you are an expression of love, knowingness and bliss.

As a universe, you don’t need to be small, to think small, to be jealous of other universes, or even to feel sad.

Write this on your forehead, when you feel fear/doubt or a nagging negativity about yourself – I am the universe expressing itself as human.

You are a creation of God.

This is why you really are good enough.


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