embryoWhat is the great void of limitless possibility that lies within the vastness of the infinite universe – Does such a thing exist and how do we tap into it?

Can we use this field to change the things we don’t like about ourselves?

Is this field encapsulating space and time, or does it go beyond?


First, we begin with our human bodies, and how we have developed into conscious beings. Perhaps there are clues here to our spiritual genesis.

Our physical origin is gender-neutral with no anatomical sex.

We all began life physically and phenotypically as a blank state, with the potential to become female or male, and then express those hormonal and sexual traits. It is true to say that our original gender-neutral embryonic state, appears more feminine than masculine (nipples and gonads), yet our source is actually a fertilised egg that contains a neutral XX/XY genetic code.

For the first development period in all mammals, the X-gene (female) expresses, and at 5-6 weeks, in XY-males, the Y-gene begins releasing male hormones (androgens). This initiates sexual differentiation. In the XX-females,  X gene expression continues to express X genes like oestrogen development which forms female sex organs and secondary sex characteristics.


In this physical reality, it seems polarity is central and consciousness pivots either way between love or fear. The Taoists describe a world made up of bi-polarity, equal opposites, yin and yang. Not only our physical structures, but also our everyday choices and decisions are guided by this polarity field.

On a spiritual level, we do experience differences in our gender and sex, however the destination is the same. Beyond yin and yang is Unity Consciousness (ONENESS). Once we transcend yin and yang, we meet our true nature – consciousness, love and expansion.


What gets in the way of experiencing our true nature is the fear that lives in our heart. Social conditioning and the imprints from the media and entertainment channels, and the entrainment from parenting to schooling onwards, has left an ego-personality structure stuck in patterns that define us and become a way of life.

Rejecting this style is not to change it, it only morphs into a “fear of the other” – a suppression of what is your truth. Only be embracing the cause, embracing the symptom, and bringing all factors together into one paradigm, which is love and acceptance of all that is, will the energies be transcended. Personality patterns will not change via suppression or rejection, only via embracement.

Rejection empowers those qualities we deem unworthy. When we understand that all qualities are worthy of love and acceptance, we may bring them into alignment in the present moment. Our judgements are an expression of our ego. Only via careful and mindful examination of what is real (or not), can we expand awareness and allows us to harmonise with life (God, the Universe, the Great Spirit).

One of my favourite Wayne Dyer teachings is simply – “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”  Shifting perspective is radically transformative in personal power, in essence, how we see ourselves and our world.

There is a spectrum between an empty void, the space of creation from whence some thing can be birthed, and the finished article. From the empty space, we can create. Letting go, we can feel the softness and pure potentiality.

Living in harmony with life is a dance of courage, faith and possibility.

And letting go of our old skin, we may embrace the new, and step into a new paradigm – our new wings waiting to be used in our flights as song-birds.


Much love,



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