EGO is the source of many (or all) of our problems – failure to accept our reality and our power and responsibility in its creation. The matrix of the reality we have created for ourselves may seem complex, especially when we fill it with external and often empty entertainment, media, TV, film, internet, social media, gossip, etc.

Our SOUL is our spark, the authentic part of ourselves, our infinite nature which is light, harmony, elevation.

Imagine a candle filling up your reality with light, and burning away all superficial discontent and disharmony.

Most of us suffer from fear-based emotions that form the texture for our experience. Fear is the root-cause of so much of what our EGO is and has come to represent.

Break down and go to the root cause of fear, and there is an opening, a shift, a breakthrough. Finding your fear is deconstructing your reality and finding the root of your EGO patterns.

The EGO is a symbol.

The EGO represents all the ideas you have about yourself and your world.

The EGO is created by you to protect yourself.

The EGO is not angry, bitter, or insolent, unless you have coloured the world with these perspectives on reality. It is YOU who feed the EGO. It is you who has CREATED the EGO. The ego is the personality part of yourself that takes yourself seriously and is fiercely independent (seeing yourself as separate from others and life itself).

Now, with this understanding, we now know we don’t have to be the VICTIM of our egos any more.

With skilful understanding and the utmost care, we may decipher and decode our mysterious ego self, shine a delicate light that brings compassion and wisdom to this most hidden part of ourselves.

Meeting the ego, is a way to deep insight and ultimately liberation from the self (enlightenment). What true enlightenment is, is self-knowledge. It’s not outside of the present moment. It is the present moment. It’s never a state that can be fully reached, despite the religious claims of various institutions. There is always more to learn and more layers to experience whilst there is life.

With our imagination, we may meet a new type of reality, the free self. Like an eagle freed from its cage (the prison of the ego mind), we may fly again.

The satellite flies through space – like a golden path of light – unattached.

“To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease, and lightness.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Free spirit, you are part of the universe. You are infinite enough to be weightless in your mind. Every moment is a new opportunity to be enlightened. Soul bird, you are the universe:

“Soulbird rise
Lift your eyes
Spread your wings
Prepare to fly
This is the moment
Of your life
Go ahead and fly”

SoulBird Rise by India Arie

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