via PinterestWe’ve journeyed here across the universe, further than the mind can imagine, undergone a multiple metamorphosis from light beings into the three-dimensional structures we inhabit today.

It’s quite a revolutionary transition. No wonder it takes brave souls, old souls, to embark on such a journey. Here we are now, in planet Earth, a planet undergoing so many mysterious and exciting shifts.

Whilst we cannot see the entire perspective of our current creation, existence is not accidental. Nothing occurs by accident. Feeling is how we can perceive and understand. If we try with our intellect, we will draw blanks. It’s like trying to remember past-lives; it’s a product of the emotional-side of our brain. We can get impressions, feelings, images, yet difficult to exact facts and figures. That is really because the nature of our body came from our conception via male and female components, and our body comes from this planet.

It is our soul that remembers. Our soul is that infinite and immortal part of us that comes from the stars.

The concept of the universe we live in and its “open” structure is important to understand. We have the ability as humans to create with our minds and then in 3-D reality. In fact, everything you see around you started in consciousness, whether from the consciousness of creator Gods, or human beings.

Whatever you see around you, is yours. Embrace it. It is a key to shapeshifting consciousness to be able to accept and transmute all that is your reality. As co-creators of our “reality” – what is real to us – we can change and play with the movie of our lives. We are the Director, not the victim.

As a human being, most of us experience experience life as unfair and feel victimised at least sometimes. This is why it’s so important to:

  1. Own your power as a co-creator of your reality.
  2. Accept the process by taking a step back. There is a deeper perspective, so let it rest without getting too involved with the heated emotion of the moment.
  3. Take responsibility for all of your creations. They wouldn’t be there if not for your learning.
  4. Align the judgement/s.
  5. Embrace all creations and creators.

The first is key – to take back your power. It is a basic element of self-autonomy, to accept that the only true power in your life comes from within, not from some external source outside of you. As an autonomous being, nothing occurs outside of your creation. All that presents is choice: YOUR CHOICE.

The complications, dramas and stories around us from friends, to co-workers, media, entertainment (etc.) are none of our business. We may think we have to or need to get involved. We could choose to get involved, and that is a choice to own.

If you examine your inner life, you’ll discover something interesting. The deepest core of yourself is occupied by love and fear. Far beneath all the other layers. Love and fear are both energies that offer a polarity, and therefore people often get stuck in their inner processes without taking actions that align to their true calling (which is love).

Today, just for today, move outside of judgements, and follow the love, follow your love. That is your ultimate calling…


You are a creation of God.

This is why you really are good enough.

You are awesome as you are, and I love you!
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My guidance is channeled from Spirit, channeled from the STARS. I’m a gateway, or portal to soul enlightenment (basically self-knowledge). Find out more about me:

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