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Christmas is nearly upon us. The holiday season is often a time of unexpected conflict, strife and agitation. What should be a time of joy, peace, sharing amongst family and friend, can easily descend into derision. Old jealousies surface, and it can seem that the energies are heightened, partly because people have more time to pay attention, and not run away.

This is an opportunity presented to heal old wounds and also stay centered amongst the chaos.

It’s important to face the “elephant in the room” – rather than attempting to avoid conflict, speak your heart. It is common that people find something they never wanted to speak about, yet bothered them incessantly. Rather than suppress these topics, face them head-on at the start.

Introduce a topic calmly, with poise and respect. For instance, “I want to talk about the kids’ choice of education. I know it’s something that has concerned you in the past. Let’s discuss this with calm and a willingness to seek the best solutions.”

Languaging is creative, as in how you speak, and which words you use. The tone, content and body-language are all essential elements of the messages conveyed.

The following are helpful suggestions and hints to help you navigate through those difficult conversations and interactions:

How to Create Peace if Your Family Fights During the Holidays:

  1. Maintain perfect inner calm and equanimity by first taking 3 deep breaths before any interaction. Breathe in the scenario you wish to create and on your out-breath, feel it crystallise into reality. For instance, “I want to feel good. I want loving relationships and have fun together.” This breath is very powerful into the Dan tien center (+_ 3 inches below the navel). Jump through the illusion, via the breath.
  2. When you enter a family setting, there may be agitation and disjointed or chaotic energy around you. Keep your calm no matter what is happening outside of you. Don’t let the energy affect you.
  3. Focus your attention on positive light. See the goodness in others.
  4. Often forgiveness is necessary, for us to let go of the bad energy, and move on. If you are holding a resentment towards family members, look towards them, say inside “I forgive you,” and keep sending them love.
  5. When you feel yourself entering into the story or drama of the situation/s, or becoming connected to the mindset of a loved one, disconnect from the energy. Walk outside, separate your energy (individuate) and own your sovereignty. Repeat three times: “I am that, I am.”Remember: Self-mastery is accelerating your vibration DESPITE what happens around you.
  6. Master the internal before mastery can be achieved on the external. If the external becomes messy, look within. Dialogue with yourself via journaling. Make notes about your experiences and monitor any changes your experience. Were there any specific triggers you noticed?
  7. You are the creator of the story. Make the inner-verse central to what is going on. The external patterns play a loop-pattern that will just keep repeating and repeating. You are not a victim, Take responsibility. Make your reality.


The secret practice to blast away any negativity:

With the breath, hold on to your abdomen and let the light of fire burn through any negativity, breathing in and out. Anger will disappear if you replace it with a deep breath of gratitude.

Now you have all the tools for transformation, and you can go ahead and have the best holiday season ever with your family. If you do falter and have a little niggle, that’s normal and OKAY. Please don’t let it detract from having the most wonderful festive season ever!!!!


You are a creation of God.

This is why you really are good enough.
You are awesome as you are, and I love you!
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