you are beautifulA lot of collective issues have been exposed in 2014. It’s been in many ways, a messy year – wars, anger in the streets, racism, a rise in anti-Semitism, terrorism, and collectively grief, fear and blame continue.

This is an EXPRESSION, a RELEASE. On a collective level, it’s a detoxification reaction. This is actually positive on the long-run. May we EXPOSE all the darkness…and then bring darkness to the light.

It’s been tiring seeing so much superficiality and artificial egotism exposed this year.

The softness that is in all of our hearts, that yearns for release and surrender, that is authentically who we are as human beings.

This divine aspect (soul) does not advertise itself and tell you how brilliant it is. It doesn’t need to…It SHINES always, its brilliance is magnetic and yet unseen by the eyes, it is that which is felt by the inner eyes.

This is the presence of love and unconditional authenticity I would like to bring that to the world in 2015, and see shine forth amongst us brothers and sisters, ONE TRIBE.

With blessings and love from Australia.

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