Healing and Transformation

Dear friends,

I have been away for a while in retreat, healing and involved with tribe gatherings, connecting, and in meditation.

This is always a beautiful time for me of reflection and REBIRTH.

In isolation, I do not ever feel any less than 100%, I feel so connected with God and nature, and the spirit world.

Returning to the “real world” is always an adjustment, a deeper comparison, a deeper personal examination. For suddenly, other people ask questions of me.

It is a challenge to apply the knowledge of the retreat to the world. So still those sticky challenges persist. Yet always I am learning and expanding. Some problems disappear when you take a break from them, or have time to feel the feeling, and acknowledge the lesson. Then there is no more charge left. When there is a charge, you know there is still work to be done.

Here is where I am after my time in extensive retreat:

On a personal and planetary level, I understand…

* We have desires, dreams, longings, dreams.

* Human beings have an adventurous and creative spirit.

* We all have our own needs and wants.
* We have grand visions for our lives, and dreams as yet unfulfilled.
* We are looking for MORE.
* We want to be GREATER.
* We want to achieve more, feel more, expand into our POTENTIAL.

This is because we are MULTI-DIMENSIONAL beings….

We are the SUNLIGHT of OUR universe, the central SUN of OUR universe….and now we are starting to glimpse something way beyond our educational confines….something called SELF….

Do you want to live a more authentic, exciting and fulfilling life? Are you READY to STAND UP and be noticed?

Are you ready to begin creating the life you love?

We are entering the Age of Aquarius. The current paradigm is seeking us out, it asks us deep questions that search within our longing, within our being. This is a QUEST.

We are being asked,


Are you ready to take the next step?



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