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Most of the time, my dad throws out tips like the following:

“Make sure you eat at that restaurant. It’s a good time to buy a house.” Or he tells me when to get my oil changed or doles out advice on anything from insect bites to being self-employed.

I admit that a lot of his words go through one ear and out the other. It’s just what happens when you grow up and take your parents for granted.

However, I began reflecting on the jewels of wisdom he’s dished out throughout the years. I was surprised at how many things he’s taught me that I continue to use today. I’ve also included advice from other dads in honor of Father’s Day. It might remind you of your own father, teach you something new or rekindle a memory of why the man in your life (your dad, uncle, step-dad, father of your children) has done so much for you.

Have a great tip that your own dad or father-figure gave you growing up? Share it in the comments below.

“If you’re going to use a credit card, make sure you are able to pay it in full every month.”

My dad told me this almost 20 years ago and even with the shifts in the economy, it’s helped me to be financially aware of my spending. If you can’t afford to pay it in full, maybe you really can’t afford what it is you want.

“No matter what, don’t panic!”

He was talking about swimming. And how people can drown in the ocean because they panic. But I think this also applies to life itself. When we’re all consumed with fear, we don’t see away out. You will never make the best decision or have the courage and insight to wiggle your way out of a difficult situation if you panic. Running around like a chicken without its head won’t get you across to the other side. Being calm will.

“My father, I was crazy about him, he was tough, but fair. He always would say the reason I’m being so tough on you now while you’re little is because it will be easier for you when you grow older. He was right…My father told me when I was a small boy, he strongly recommended I set my goals so high that I couldn’t achieve it in my lifetime because he had set his goals. He set a goal after the depression that he would be a millionaire and have a yacht and a plantation. And he had a small plantation and a small yacht and he was a millionaire. And he couldn’t refocus his life. He said, ‘I made a mistake doing that. I’m in a lot of trouble now because I’ve achieved my goals.’ And he said, ‘Please set your goals so high that you can’t achieve them,’ so I’m trying to help save the world and that’s probably higher than…I don’t anticipate achieving them completely. But I’d like to.” – Ted Turner on Oprah’s Master Class

“His favorite word was always discipline. He would always say that if you don’t have discipline you won’t get anywhere and I think he is 100 percent right. To be successful there are sacrifices that you have to pay. It does not come easy.” – Enrique Iglesias about father Julio Iglesias from Reuters.com.

“By example, my father taught me: Don’t be afraid to take risks; dare to be a leader and not a follower; dare to stand alone and not always follow the crowd; know when to speak out and know when to shut up; and finally, reach for the moon–you just might catch a star.” – Natalie Cole about father Nat King Cole from `The Best Advice My Father Gave Me’

“My father always said, ‘Don’t worry about what everyone else is thinking, because they’re too busy worrying about themselves to really think about you.’ It’s so easy to get self-obsessed or to judge yourself based on others, but it’s so silly.”Jennifer Grant about her father Cary Grant from Parade.com.

“I was nervous about telling my father when my son wanted to leave college and pursue his interest in music. But instead of saying, ‘He oughta finish school,’ Daddy said, ‘Good for him.’ He told us it’s not about the money—just follow your passion. He’s always supported everything we’ve done.” – Susie Buffett about father Warren E. Buffett also from Parade.com.

The best thing about great advice is that you don’t need to get it from a father, mother or even anyone you know who is alive. You can get it from a book, this blog, a TV show. In fact, sometimes the best advice comes from the stillness that visits us when we are calm and at peace inside. We all just need to turn off our blackberries/iphones/egos, to hear it.

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