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You can use your free time to unwind over the weekend or you can use the time to try something else. If you’d rather decompress with a glass of wine, watch mindless TV, go dancing or take a hike with a friend, feel free. Relaxing and savoring your life are important too. But if you feel disconnected lately and out of touch with yourself, take these next few days and use it to reflect on your life.

Why Reflection is Important

Too often we allow life to take control of us. We settle in our ways. We let time pass us by. We allow dust to fall upon our dreams. The more we retreat from the world, the smaller we become. All the inconveniences, problems and obstacles we wouldn’t have tolerated in our twenties suddenly get pushed down and thrown under a rug because we’re too afraid to face them. The less we confront our fears, the more scared we become. And it’s not just the big life changes, but the tiny insignificant ones too.

This weekend you can continue to repress your feelings or you can finally begin to open up. Spend an hour this weekend in silence. Use the time to go for a walk, write in a journal, meditate. Think about the things that you have been avoiding recently. Think about how you have been living your life.

Are you happy with the path you’re on? Is there anything you can change in the present to create a more appealing future?

Shake things up before you get further stuck in the rut you’ve been living in.

Don’t continue to let your life pass you by. Ask yourself what you can start doing now to slowly wake up from the long, unconscious sleep you’ve been in so you can finally begin living your life.

What will YOU do this weekend?

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