WreckedForTheOrdinary.jpg I had a lovely opportunity recently to do a guest post at the arts and culture blog, Wrecked For The Ordinary. I decided to write on the topic, What is Christian music, and why do you care?

It’s a timely topic. The Grammys were just handed out on Sunday, and as regular readers know I’m always questioning why Christian music is lumped in with Gospel music.
I’m not alone. Today, over on the Idol Chatter blog, blogger Paul O’Donnell asks the same question about this year’s Grammys. (Thanks to my reader JazzyPaul, who reminded me that it’s the labels who submit the artists for Grammy category nominations. “Certainly, if I was Mary Mary’s management,” he commented, “I’d be all about trying to put them up next to Beyonce.”)
I talk at length about this question in the post at Wrecked For The Ordinary. Check it out and let me know what you think.
By the way, Mariah Secrest is the editor at Wrecked For The Ordinary, and she did a guest post for this blog last week. Check out her post, and also get a free download of her song “Pulse” from her EP, Green Light.
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