Fireflight.JPGI’m notorious for saying stupid things on a daily basis, so here’s one of the funniest moments from my last day at Kingdom Bound:

Before Fireflight performed, the emcee told the crowd that after their set the band was catching a flight to China to perform live at the Olympics.

I really liked Fireflight’s latest album, Unbreakable, and have covered them pretty regularly. The band has had their music used by NBC as the theme song for the Wednesday night line up and I’ve always been impressed by them, so the news that they’d been invited to play at the Olympics didn’t seem out of the realm of possibility. But I hadn’t heard about it yet.
Music writer Rick Campbell hadn’t heard about it either, so when I saw the band hanging out backstage after their set I went over to get the details. That’s when they told me that it was all a big joke, and that that emcee always introduces the bands with wild stories like that.
We all had a good laugh about that, and I told them that we really had believed the news so I was glad I did a fact check. While we all were laughing and chatting, and they started to tell me that while they weren’t going to China they were going to Holland, I pulled out the notebook to show them that I’d even taken notes, which said “Fireflight is flying to China to play live at the Olympics…”
At that lead vocalist Dawn Richardson took the notebook from my hand and with her Sharpie marker wrote “Fireflight” across the page. She capped her pen, and then she and the band simply walked away without a word.
All except for bassist Wendy Drennen. I clearly had a look of confusion on my face – uh, what just happened? – because she said, “You have Fireflight written down in your notes, but when you read it you said Flyleaf.”
I laughed at my faux pas, explaining that we’d just been talking about Flyleaf and so the word was still stuck in my brain. Sorry about that.
She added, apologetically, “We get mistaken for Flyleaf a lot so we’re really quick to correct it when people make that mistake.” The she joined her bandmates.
Ooops, my bad.
I joined Rick and my daughter Cassie and we had a good laugh, not only about my faux pas but their reaction. Not sure which was funnier.
So what started as a “This great band is having great things happen to them” story ended up as “This band is really sensitive if you accidentally call them Flyleaf” story.
Anyway here’s a public apology to the band for accidentally saying the name “Flyleaf” when I meant to say “Fireflight.” I hope it didn’t ruin your whole day. If it helps, I promise, I didn’t mistake you for Flyleaf.
You can learn more about Fireflight by visiting their website.

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