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October 2011 Archives

Here is a sweet quartet of kids singing the classic “Go Tell It on the Mountain” with ability far beyond their ages — which appear to range from perhaps four to ten. And the somber little guy in the NBA …Read More

Here is the ultimate Halloween costume for anyone who ever loved playing with a Slinky, that great kids’ toy spring from the same innocent era that brought us the Hula Hoop, Silly Putty and the Frisbee. Now you can become a …Read More

PLEASE hit the “SHARE” button above to share the Good News and add // to your favorites. New stories every day! This video from ABC News is a must see! It’s the incredible story of an adorable Beagle who was euthanized …Read More

When the retired couple saw no reason to evacuate their rural Texas home — despite raging wildfires all around them — they looked out the window and were astonished. Their farm had become an oasis for refugee hummingbirds. First dozens, then hundreds swarmed …Read More

When Dad got a job rejection letter, all it took was 8-month-old Micah to boost Papa’s spirits. The job interview had gone great. But then the bad news came in the mail. Was Micah worried? Let’s rip that letter to pieces, …Read More

A desert sandstorm crashed Gus and Jennifer Luna’s storybook garden wedding, forcing the officiating judge to cut short the vows, pronounce them man and wife and send everybody indoors to the reception. The wedding party had gathered under a decorative arch …Read More

We really don’t know a lot about this incredibly talented youngster who lives in a small village in Brazil. His name is Jose Antonio Viana, but goes by “Jotta A,” although his family calls him Tony. The joy that radiates …Read More