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Yes, outside of Green Forest, Arkansas, near the site of the Battle of Yocum Creek, well, make that the Skirmish at Yocum Creek … which is actually more like that time during of the War Between the States a bunch of local good ol’ boys took a coupla shots at an apparently lost Yankee patrol … there is a speedway.

Well, it’s not really a speedway. It’s more like a dirtway. A natural track bulldozed out of the woods where locals come to test their souped-up speed machines. Well, no, not really “speed” machines, more like … OK, they’re racing lawn mowers.

Yes, in rural Carroll County, Arkansas, between Green Forest and the border town of Blue Eye, Missouri, racing lawn mowers has turned into quite the local rage, competing with Little League baseball and kindergarten football. Only these are adults atop their Lawn Boys, John Deeres and Murrays.

Sometimes they go around the track clockwise. Other times, they go counter-clockwise. The thrills and spills are … well, they aren’t exactly Indianapolis, Le Mans or even NASCAR. However, anybody with a self-propelled lawn mower can participate.

And, as you can see, the excitement is … well, OK, so it’s not all that exciting. It’s still a lot of fun.

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