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Dog with girl

Jack, a feisty terrier mix was once left to die in a dumpster. He was adopted by the Pieters family who hoped that he would make a good companion to their daughter Maya who suffers from a rare disease that affect her motor functions. She also has trouble interacting with others. Maya fell in love with Jack at the kennel and immediately she began to liven up. The spunky little mutt was just the inspiration little Maya needed.

The family considered it a miracle but they had no idea how important Jack was going to be going forward. One morning Jack arose early and began to cause a commotion. He scurried through the house, in a frantic state and began to violently scratch on Maya’s door and bark incessantly. The Pieters awoke, and entered Maya’s room to find her face down, in the middle of a seizure. Had Jack not alerted the family, she would have smothered in her sleep. As it turns out, seizures are another symptom of Maya’s condition. Science cannot explain it but the bond between Jack and Maya is so strong that he is able to detect, in advance, every time she has a seizure. He’s broken falls, sat on top of her to control shaking and licked her tears dry. It’s a beautiful testimony of how important all of God’s creatures are.


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