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Leonard_PopeSix year old Bryson Moore was at his cousin’s swim party when he slipped under the surface of the water. He panicked, flailed and started to take in water. Luckily for Bryson, Leonard Pope was in attendance. Pope, the 6’8″ gentle giant who plays tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, dove into the water. According to Bryson’s mother, “…he came out of nowhere and dove into the water without any hesitation, cell phone in his pocket and all. He saved my son’s life, and I am so thankful that he was there for me and my child.”

The irony of it all, is that had the NFL not been in a nasty labor dispute, Pope would have been at training camp a 1000 miles away. Bryson’s mother sees it as divine appointment, “…he was placed here to save my son from drowning, and I thank God that he was here.”

Bryson has bounced back although he doubts he’ll get near the water until he can swim. He summed up the entire ordeal the way only a child could, “I’m glad God didn’t make me an angel.” So are we Bryson!

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