11 Year Old Gillian Purdue From Phoenix Arizona Saves a Baby Girl From Drowning
Gillian Perdue, water safety expert.

11-year-old Phoenix, AZ native Gillian Perdue was at a friend’s pool party when she noticed a 2-year old girl flipped upside down in her inner tube. The parents, chatting nearby, had no clue that the little girl was about to drown.

“It just so happened that the only one that was paying attention was my daughter,” said Brandy Perdue, Gillian’s mom. “[The little girl] must have reached over to touch the water and her little floaty flipped.”

Gillian quickly sprang into action. “So then I swam to her and moved the floaty ring away because it was on top of her. And I picked her up, patted her back.” At this point the adults finally noticed. They were able to pull the baby girl out and quickly get her breathing.

11 Year Old Gillian Perdue From Phoenix Arizona Saves a Baby Girl From Drowning
Gillian Perdue's water safety merit badge.

So what precipitated Gillian’s quick thinking? Well, not only is Gillian a girl scout but she was just recently awarded a merit badge for pool safety. I think it’s safe to say that that merit badge was well-earned.

Gillian was honored by the Scottsdale fire department for her quick thinking. “I couldn’t be more proud,” said her mother.

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