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Tuscaloosa Tornado Damage Judy PughJudy Pugh was one of the victims of the devastating tornados that leveled Tuscaloosa last month. Surveying the wreckage of her house, it’s a miracle that Judy made it out alive. As the tornado hit, Judy made a desperate attempt to grab her beloved cat Cadie through the heavy flying debris. Just as she was about to reach the animal, the roof to her house was ripped off, split into pieces then fell on top of her. As the storm clouds cleared, neighbors came to her aid and Judy was able to escape the devastation with just two black eyes and heavy heart for Cadie, her cat. Judy Pugh with Reporter

Every day for over 3 weeks Judy returned to the pile of rubble that used to be her home to look for Cadie. Nearly a month later, a local news crew was on the scene to document Judy’s miraculous survival, then, it happened. Out of nowhere, on live television, a disheveled but very much alive cat walks into frame. It was Cadie! She had survived, not just the tornado but the elements, the unseasonably cold temperatures and no source of food.

Judy Pugh with Cat Cadie

Judy sat in front of a house that was crushed, crumbled and all but gone, and she smiled and said, “I have everything I want now.” It’s a heartfelt testament about what’s really important in this life. Welcome back Cadie and best of luck to Judy and the rest of the tornado victims.



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