Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Photo courtesy of koratmember/

Photo courtesy of koratmember/

Often, a sense of panic might rise up in us because we feel we cannot control the crisis or problem that’s plaguing us. Sometimes, this is an illness that’s raging despite everything our doctors are using in their arsenal of meds and treatments. Sometimes, it’s a sudden jolt, like the loss of a job or natural disaster that strikes suddenly and leaves a horrible aftermath.

However a crisis occurs, it helps get back a sense of even quasi-balance if we try to find one thing that we can take charge of, one thing that we can do.

As unpredictable as lupus is, I try each day to do at least one thing to enhance my feeling of calm. This might be as simple as taking a few moments, even in the doctor’s examination room (while waiting to see the doc) to breathe and pray. In other crises that I’ve faced, I’ve tried to do similar things to give myself even a smidgeon of a piece of control. And I truly have felt the benefits of doing this, time and again.

My new book, Don’t Panic!: How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough, contains lots of tips on ways we can take some control from the uncontrollable. I hope it helps – and I look forward to your thoughts, too!

Joy and peace,


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