Second close-up of pictureAs the season changes from winter to spring (yes, I know it’s hard to believe when it’s still snowing some places and even here in SoCal, it’s chilly), we inevitably rotate our wardrobe from heavy clothing to lighter wear. And, of course, as we do this, we discover, er, alterations (to put it nicely) in our physical shape or size. Up or down, sometimes chronic illness and pain result in looking very different from how we once did. Some medications invite weight gain or loss, pain can drastically change our exercise routines so that weight is redistributed. Yes, we might find ourselves staring at a pile of clothing that once fit, but now doesn’t. But, still, we might be loathe to get rid of what we see.

As we contemplate keeping the stack of unwearable clothes, we often think back to when we could wear them. Perhaps that time was happier, painfree or illness free. Perhaps among the garments are clothes we wore when we could work or play a particular sport. Maybe they are special pieces that we wore when we could socialize more, when the thought of wearing bling had nothing to do with using a walker or bracing our knees.

We might be holding on to memories, not necessarily clothing that we know we’ll be able to wear again.

As hard as it is to get past the associations we have with particular pieces of clothing, it’s important to try. There are plenty of people who are less fortunate who could use the garments we hold onto, and there are plenty of options available to us to liven up our wardrobe, even if it is vastly different in size and use than that which we had before.

Think about this, pray about this as you rotate from cold to warmth, winter to spring. Someone beyond the walls of your closet is in need, and you just might be able to help.

Talk about a good fit!



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