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Image courtesy of MrWildLife at

Image courtesy of MrWildLife at

I was intrigued by a listing in my 2016 Farmer’s Almanac that indicated chipmunks would emerge from hibernation on March 26. Yes, it gave a specific date! And although there aren’t any chipmunks around where I live (at least, not that I’ve ever seen), I have friends and family in places where they abound. So, I put a few people on “Chipmunk Watch.”

As March 26 approached, I was very eager to hear the first, “I saw one!” Oh, the anticipation!

But the 26th came and went without a one emerging from wherever it might have spent the winter. And, still, I haven’t heard of a single sighting. Perhaps you have?

This experience correllates with living with chronic illness and pain, too. We look at the calendar and think, “Okay, winter’s coming and my arthritis is going to be horrible.” or, “Spring is blooming, so hot weather is around the corner, and I know I’m going to feel miserable.”

If we know our health conditions well enought, there’s probably some degree of truth in these predictions. But, we also know that there will always be something out of our hands and times when we cannot predict. So, instead of tensing up, next time we feel like prognosticating, we might just ease back. Take whatever precautions we might to prevent any adverse effects of seasonal change and just enjoy the awesome unfolding of nature’s many cycles.

I’ve given up on Chipmunk Watch. They’ll be out and about sooner or later. And when they appear, I’ll be ready to enjoy hearing about their antics!

Joy and peace,


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