Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Second close-up of pictureDuring the year, we try to surround ourselves with people who care for and about us. Family, friends, a strong medical team – these people and even some strangers help us through our days of pain and illness challenges.

But at holiday time, as larger groups gather, our insulated world opens up a bit – or more. Family members we don’t see often arrive, complete strangers come into our “world” as we travel, and others intent on their own errands, shopping expeditions, and often-frantic activities move around us (sometimes even bumping right into us!).  And this reality, that we are not as “protected” as we usually are, can be the hard part of the holidays. For even as we try to make the most of this time, others who are not as careful or compassionate might however accidentally make our lives much more difficult than they already are. I’m thinking of the flight attendant who won’t assist with a clumsy bag, a cashier who gets impatient as we fumble with our bills and coins, or a traveler who hastily turns or strides right into our aching selves.

Yes, we can feel mighty vulnerable. But one thing that helps me is remembering that God is not on vacation at this time. The same support and protection that we enjoy from the Lord during the year is present as we dare venture a bit farther out of our insulated world. Moreover, God knows what our frailties are, and somehow never fails in bringing angels into our world just when we need them. These are also many times strangers, but all times welcome. Holiday gifts. Manifestations of the Spirit of love.

So, even if you are a bit fearful of leaving your comfortable surroundings and mighty support system, know that God is with you always and everywhere. And with the protection that comes from our Lord, dare even more to enjoy this time and recognize the angels that you meet all along the way.



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