Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Second close-up of pictureOh, my! This is a wonderful time, but there are so many things we forget about between the last Christmas and this one. How to untangle the Christmas lights, for example (many of us find ourselves praying a lot for Mary the Untier of Knots to intervene!), or cook the beloved family tradition of turkey and trimmings. There are also directional challenges as we navigate the roads to get to the once-a-year party or family reunion. And, oh, the mysterious aspects of gift-giving and Christmas card sending – Who wants what? Who lives where? What are so-and-so’s children’s names again?

It can be very difficult to know the way at Christmas!

But there’s one thing that we can be assured of – Christmas knows its way to us.

Not only are we surrounded by reminders of the Season, but in our churches, fellowship groups, daily devotionals, and faith traditions, we see, hear, and absorb Christmas. And the more we are mindful of finding it, the more Christmas comes to us, enfolds us, cheers us.

We have only to look at a picture of a sweet baby to see Christmas and its promise, love, and light.

Yes, we will fumble with those lights and probably burn the Christmas cookies or turkey at one point or another. We might even lose the map and forget the turn on our way to grandmother’s house, since none of us probably use the “horses that know the way to guide the sleigh” to get there!

But even if we get completely turned around and upside down, Christmas will find us. God will be with us. And we can sing “Gloria!”, even if we forget when to come in or what note to sing!



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