Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Second close-up of pictureWe’re in the heart of holiday season, now, and there’s one “gift” that I’m sure you don’t want to receive – an infectious illness. Whether a cold, flu, or other “catchy” bug, an illness on top of the chronic variety we already live with can be a serious complication at worst, a holiday-hamperer at best.

So, how do we avoid getting sick(er) at holiday time? Alas, there’s no easy answer. So many holiday warriors, determined to get all they can out of the festivities, parties, religious celebrations, and other once-a-year events, will throw caution to the wind and go forth with sniffles and sneezes galore. And as we know, at some point, we’ll come in contact with these unwanted intrusions and have to hope and pray that we’ll not fall to them.

I think it’s a good idea to speak with our individual doctors at this time of year to go over illness prevention steps that are pertinent to each individual case. It’s also a good idea to practice saying, “no,” as hard as that can be. If some insist on exposing everyone else to their “gifts,” then it is perfectly within our right to insist on declining the “invitation.” Yes, it’s hard to cancel an activity at the last minute, or step aside if someone appears with a Rudolph-like nose and fever. But if others will not be conscientious, then we have to be extra cautious.

Everyone hopes to have happy holidays, whatever days within we celebrate. The healthier, the better. As we “avoid the gift that keeps on giving,” we can be stronger – and happier – as these days unfold and the New Year dawns!



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