Image courtesy of ArvindBalaraman/
Image courtesy of ArvindBalaraman/

We leave behind a lot when we go on vacation! Jobs, daily tasks, household chores. Alas, sometimes, too, we might leave behind an active sense of nurturing our faith, opting to skip church or gloss over our daily prayer routine.

True, it can be difficult to take our regular faith practices with us on vacation. Often, our schedule is not our own (if we’re on a tour, for example, or if we are dependent on others for transportation and other activities). Our days are not the same, too; if we want to see all the sights, we might have every waking moment taken up with touring – and be too bleary-eyed by the end of the day to think of much else except sleep!

So, how can we connect with God while we’re on vacation?

Some simple tips:

Copy a Bible verse or two, or a favorite prayer, and tuck it into your wallet or purse. Even the knowledge it is there will help you remember the Creator – and give you access to a reading more readily.

Plot church stops along your itinerary. Perhaps you cannot make it to a full service on Sunday, but even a brief stop by a church, inside or out, can help you refresh your spirit.

Learn about the faith traditions of the place where you are going. Many historic sites have deep spiritual roots. Learning about these as you take in the other details about who, what, and why will fill-out your understanding of history and feed your faith.

Be open to God revealing new things to you. All along the way, as we travel, there are many opportunities for God to reveal new insights, wisdom, experiences, and relationships. Keep your heart and eyes and ears open as you journey and don’t hesitate to pursue a road that might lead to spirit-filled delight!

Spend time in nature. One of the best places to be with the Creator is to spend time in quiet enjoyment of natural surroundings. Even if it is an urban garden, a flower and plant-filled location can be a place of rejuvenation and spiritual refreshment.

Enjoy your time of rest. Delight in your re-connection with yourself and loved ones. And keep yourself open to God – for He never takes a vacation, but is always present!



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