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Image courtesy of Keattikorn/

Image courtesy of Keattikorn/

What is it with dress sizes these days? Over the past few weeks, I have fit into a size 4, 6, 8, and even a large with equal ease! I am completely befuddled as to what my “true” size is, and only know that sometimes, I’m delighted (a 4!) and sometimes shake my head (a large?!)

I’ve read that the “average” size for a woman in the U.S. is a “10.” Which equates to a “medium” someplaces and a “large” others. I’ve also read that we’re becoming heavier in general, so I wonder if, in the near future, that “10” will become a “12,” and in some dressing room somewhere, I’ll discover that I need an “extra-large” in one style and a “petite 4” in another?!

All that being said, clothing sizes and illness pose great challenges for many of us. Often, the size depends upon what medication we’re on and whether or if we’ve been able to keep up with our exercise regimen (doctor-ordered, of course). I know some lupies who keep one set of clothing for one scenario, and another for another. It could be very easy to exhaust a budget and run out of closets!

And then, of course, there is the problem of sizes…Which, perhaps, we are too fixated on. Perhaps we should, actually, be thinking of shape – the shape of our lives and the comfort we have in our own skin, even if we have a serious illness.

Perhaps, it’s not so much that post-prednisone we’re slimming down than it is that we strive for health – in body, mind and spirit – however that health presents itself. We can always cinch up a waist with a belt or add a lovely scarf to a stretchy top.

I suppose we can always move up a size or down…And still be able to laugh!




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