Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image courtesy of Marcus/

Image courtesy of Marcus/

Complete your outdoor tasks,

and arrange your work in the field;

afterward you can establish your house.

Proverbs 24: 27

Very few of us probably work in a field these days. But there’s a resonance for us in the verses above as they relate to prioritizing our lives and, especially, in helping us understand the “pecking order” of important “to do’s” that we with chronic illness observe every day. And, when it comes to serious illness: taking care of health is vital.

Without the most optimal health we possibly can have, we are ill-equipped (pardon the pun) to tackle all the other challenges we face, or even the pleasures that we try to include in our homes and hearts. For example, if we do not work with our doctors on our treatment regimens, we might not get the full benefit of what they offer and, thus, not have as much mobility, energy, or spark to take care of family, pets, and other things that bring us great joy.

Without being as strong as we possibly can, we do not allow ourselves the optimal chance to meet unexpected challenges. I once asked a very exercise averse lupie what she would do if she were on a top floor of a building, but wasn’t strong enough to manage even one flight of stairs. She said, “I’d wait until the firemen came up and carried me down!”

Oh, dear.

Of course, there are some things we cannot do, or some capabilities that we do not have.  But the more we take care of the “business” of tending our “field” (life with illness), the more we will have resilience to take care of other things – and, yes, enjoy more of life!



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