Image courtesy of Michael Elliott/
Image courtesy of Michael Elliott/

“Are you having a good day?” I asked the park attendant.

“A very good day,” he said, smiling broadly.  “I woke up this morning, and my car had been broken into!”

I was puzzled.

“That made it a good day?”

He nodded. “They broke the window, but they left my iPhone, my stereo, my expensive sunglasses – all my good stuff! The only thing they took was a pile of change from the ashtray. I think there was a total of $1.96, and most of it was pennies.”

“And they didn’t take anything else?”

“Nope. How about that? See, it has been a good day!”

I had to agree with him – and marvel at the oddly choosey thief.  And I was thankful at the reminder that not all “bad” events in our days are completely devoid of something good.  “Bad” has a strong way of coloring everything else in broad, unpleasant strokes. But this incident, has stayed with me for days afterward and makes me sure that, the next time I think a day is headed away from being enjoyable, I hope I remember that not all of it, surely, is “bad!”



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